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In the Beginning

Bradford volunteers decided in a moment of inspiration in 2013 that helping victims of the Syrian conflict and saving lives was a piece of cake – a fundraising idea that took the nation by storm.

Awarding Winning Campaign

Now an award winning campaign, The Cake Campaign trended on social media using the hashtag #Cakes4Syria. It aims to deliver delicious chocolate fudge cakes to people’s doors during Ramadan, a month when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, giving generously to charity as they remember those less fortunate. At a cost of £10 per cake, all proceeds are directed to Islamic Relief's Syria Appeal.

Over 60k Cakes Sold

Over the last three years, The Cake Campaign has delivered over 60,000 cakes, raising over half a million pounds! The campaign is a fantastic charitable cause for people all over the UK to support, and a delicious way to break the daily fast with family and friends.

A Cake to Share

"The idea is that you save a life with a piece of cake," explains a volunteer. "Each cake cuts into around 14 slices, which is way too much for one person breaking their fast. The idea is that you buy the cake to share, and because the money is going to Syria that adds a wider charitable element to the sharing."


Having been covered by 127 local and national media outlets including Daily Mail, ITV and BT News last year, The Cake Campaign has truly reached incredible heights! This year, volunteers are ready to take the campaign even further.

An Idea from the Grassroots

"This is an idea that came from the grassroots, from our volunteers, and the response over the years has been just fantastic. The teams of volunteers across the UK have done an amazing job helping to raise thousands for the world’s worst humanitarian crises."
- Zia Salik (UK Community Fundraising Manager)

How much have we Raised?

Since the conflict began, Islamic Relief has delivered more than £140 million worth of aid inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, assisting over 6.5 million Syrians, SubhanAllah.

Order Now!

You can now order your #Cakes4Syria online or through The Cake Campaign volunteer call centre. This year deliveries will only take place on a Sunday. You can click here to order your cake now.

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